Opera has always been a fashionable entertainment, and for many watching the audience is as important as watching the stage! So much so that when electric lighting was first installed in the 19th century and the auditorium lights began to be lowered for the performance, opera audiences complained that they could no longer be seen themselves… Ottoman Silks for Glyndebourne

Whilst the days of a very formal specific ‘Opera Dress' are no longer upheld, audience members are often suggested to dress up in order to heighten the excitement and atmosphere of the evening. For many this will be black tie and long dresses, but people are also encouraged to stand out and take a chance with something more creative than would usually be allowed in stricter settings. 


So now is your chance to embrace your more theatrical creativity by pairing traditional eveningwear with stylish and elegant fashion alternatives. For men this may be a smart Nehru collard jacket or velvet gilet, whilst for women a beautifully tailored kaftan or velvet stole is sure to turn many an opera glass before the lights go down.


Given the notoriety of our inclement British weather, it is also strongly advised to bring additional warm layers and weather protection, particularly for the regional operas where outdoor picnics and bucolic English landscapes are more susceptible to a sudden change of conditions. 


So whilst fashions and dress codes change, the opportunity to look gorgeous still remains. Should you have any further questions or queries about your outfit or specific event then our team at Ottoman Silks would be more than happy to advise you by getting in touch at info@ottomansilks.com