All our fabrics are available to purchase by the metre. Fabrics are available as pure silk for clothing, silk / viscose blend for interiors, or synthetic composition for more robust commercial projects.

Fabric designs are also available in our Yeni collection which has been specially designed to give a cool, clean and contemporary twist to the traditional Ottoman designs. Combing a simple monochrome palate with the original intricate designs these fabrics are the epitome of modern elegance

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The design features the cintemani motif with hastate leaf medallions in dramatic tones of rose gold, copper, and black witch crimson lining.

Pattern repeat: Width 13cm / Height 20cm

Fabric width: 146cm

Fabric weight: approx 442g per metre


An elaborate pattern of pointed oval medallions involving a number of symbolic themes from the Ottoman dynasty including tulips, carnations, cintemani, tiger’s stripes and pomegranates. 

Pattern repeat: Width 19 cm / Height 37 cm

Fabric width: 146cm

Fabric weight: approx 380g per metre


An intricate staggered ogival lattice of tulips and medallions combined with a repeating horizontal pattern. 

Pattern repeat: Width 18.5 cm /  Height 31.5 cm

Fabric width: 146cm

Weight: approx 380g per metre


An elegant repeating pattern of metallic silver cintemani (leopard spots) imposed on a hazy sky powder blue background. This fabric is finer and lighter than the others in the collection making it a suitable choice for summer. 

Pattern repeat: Width 6.5cm / Height 10cm

Fabric width: 146cm

Fabric weight: approx 142g per metre


A bold ogival lattice pattern staggered with floral decorated borders encompassing inner medallions of tulips and symmetrical leaf designs capped by a single carnation.

Pattern repeat: Width 18.5 cm / Height 35.5 cm

Fabric width: 146cm

Fabric weight: approx 380g per meter


Alternating plain and floral vertical bands of tulips and carnations framed by double gold stripes.

Pattern repeat: Width 18 cm / Height 14.5 cm

Fabric width: 146cm

Weight: approx 380g per metre