Ottoman Silks Interior design fabrics have been especially woven in contemporary colours. Based on Ottoman Silks originals, all six designs are available in natural silk/viscose as well as a more robust synthetic composition suitable for commercial projects. To order any of the items below or to find out more about other bespoke items please give us a call on +441483 565949 or get in touch via email at


Bayezid: £119

Contemporary, historical and very luxurious


Suleyman: £119

Just as contemporary and ever so stylish.

Furniture Pieces

The Vizier (Prime Minister)

Oval footstool of bespoke proportions made especially for Ottoman Silks’ Saliha design. Embellished with Italian velvet, the base is made in a solid hardwood frame and adorned with individually hammered nails with square polished feet. A masterpiece!

Length 115cm

Width 76cm

Depth 45cm


Agha (General)

Small drop footstool in Solid Hardwood covered with Ottoman Silks Nilufer design. 

Length 50cm

Width 38cm

Depth 37cm

Hazinedar (Treasurer)

Long footstool in solid hardwood frame with turned legs and brass castors. Covered with Ottoman Silks Yeni Ayse design with double piping trim.

Length 114cm

Width 55cm

Depth 33cm

Pasha (Governor)

Sumptuous square ‘pouf’ with polished bun feet covered in Ottoman Silks Amina design.

Length 85cm

Width 85cm

Depth 50cm

Silk Velvet

A special commission to enhance all our Ottoman Silks designs is the arrival of our own silk velvet woven in Florence, Italy. The Italians had a unique relationship with the Ottomans. They procured the very best yarn for their satin and velvets and established themselves as the producers and traders of these exotic fabrics that were then sold to wealthy clients across Europe. Our own silk velvet is an example of this quality fabric and compliments our original designs. For further information contact



These pieces are all bespoke; designed and hand made by award winning master upholsterer, Patricia Alban Stanley, who has used natural materials including Beech wood, horse hair and nails. The detail on these pieces in exceptional and they have all been specially created to suit each design. Bespoke matching bed runners, lampshades, Ottoman footstools and wall panels also available on request along with other custom orders. For further information please  call on +441483 565949 or get in touch via email at